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Video Name : THE AFFAIR, with Lexus

Description : You and Lexus are having an affair, and your girlfriend knows something is up. Tonight she's been looking for you to find out if it's true. She even enlisted her best friend (and your Maid) Lexus to Hypnotically help, with no idea that Lexus is actually the other Woman! "HYPNOTIC AFFAIR" is 15 minutes long and delivers a perky, controlling, and persuasive fixation induction, while Lexus tries to hide the truth. This is a creative, fun, seductive and sensual session, featuring ample deepeners, playful misdirection, post hypnotic suggestions, and a powerful release that's sure to please.

Video Categories : Brunette

Date : 25-07-2014

Tags : hypnosis hypnotist hypnotize trance femdom fetish brunette cheating